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This community is designed to help writers develop a keener edge in editing, structure, artistry and imagination in short fiction work through the use of microfiction. Every member will be encouraged to critique the work of others as they submit their own writing. A weekly prompt will also be given as a challenge to those who wish to stretch their skills and/or desire a starting point.

Participation has been difficult to produce in most of the writing communities I'm involved in and while people often request critiques they rarely get more than a quick commendation. So I created this community to highlight the interaction of the writers and to produce debate and criticism of our work. Every member should offer two developed critiques before posting their own work. As we are just getting started this obviously wont work until we get around ten active members. (I figure that means around 30 people.) So for new members, please post a short work of fiction (50-500 words) and I will do my best to generate the buzz this community needs to get moving.
Have fun, get involved and keep writing.

~ Phenimore
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