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Paper Savers

A community for microfiction writing and criticism.

Micro/Flash Fiction Writing and Criticism
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All Members , Moderated
A community designed to help writers develop a keener edge in editing, structure, artistry and imagination in short fiction work through the use of microfiction. Every member will be encouraged to critique the work of others as they submit their own writing. A weekly prompt will also be given as a challenge to those who wish to stretch their skills and/or desire a starting point.

Microfiction, also called short short stories, flash fiction, and a number of others names, is typically limited to less than 1000 words. Most examples focus on a single plot through the use of simplified structure, character, setting and description.

Posting Guidelines:

All posts should be under 500 words unless cut-tagged or linked to another source.

Three kinds of writing will be accepted:

1. Original Short Fiction
- Word count should be included in the post's title.
- Take great care if you desire to post something you may want published some day (lock or partial pieces)
- The author may also request rewrites, edits, branches, continuations
- All submitted work will be open to critical analysis.

2. Criticism, Reviews, Essays and/or Recommendations of other works in the short story genre.
- All cited work should give credit to the original author somewhere in the post.
- Advertising your own work or another’s is fine, but critiques of advertised pieces will also be allowed.
- Posts regarding publishers, magazines, competitions, calls for work, open submissions and the like will be encouraged.

3. Adaptations, Examples and/or Edits of other authors work.
- Cited work should give credit to the original author.
- Edits or complete works of an author should only be posted with their permission.

Writers are free to write in any genre, theme, style etc.
Writing containing extensive violence or sexuality are encouraged to be put behind a cut tag disclaimer and/or made into a “friends only” post.

Again, one of the main purposes of this community is criticism.
If you have only negative criticism you are encouraged to explain why.
Flames, personal attacks/defenses and the like will be deleted at the earliest convenience.
Try to keep your criticism short and to the point; let the author request further explanation if they desire.

This community will be limited to active members at some point (probably around 20 writers is all we can handle) it will be open to watchers and spots will eventually be filled as people become inactive. These rules will change once more activity occurs.