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Hullo - Some drabbles for your mercy!

It doesn't look like there are many people around here, but I have written some flash fiction over the past couple of weeks, and am planning on getting some more done, I would appreciate reviews/crits!

Name: Driven to Witchcraft
Word Count: 235
Notes: The only one of these three with potential for a larger story, my personal favorite! ;)

("Now the time has come at last...")

Name: Three Pounds, Sixty Two Pence.
Word Count: 146

("The wind blew...")

Name: First Kiss.
Word Count: 276
WARNINGS: Slash (Homosexual relationship)... think of it as fan service.
Notes: I am not particularly fond of the way this one turned out, the interactions don't feel like they fit...any advice?

("Can I kiss you?")
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