Phenimore (phenimore) wrote in papersavers,

Flexibilty - 180w

Did I just say "married"? my brain throbs "yes". Silence on the other end. Got to think--recover, steady, ok, try:
"I'm sorry; I meant: 'would you like to go out with me some, time'."
"See," comon think of something!
"My friend, is getting married in a few weeks and I needed a date," I cringe, I'm not invited -- have to fix that, "And you were the first person I thought of, and..."

Redemption: "I thought we should go out some time to get to know one another and then you might be willing to go to the wedding, and... I'm sorry that just came out all wrong at first." I finally breath. "Wow, I bet you, phew! That was awkward. I'm sorry." I force a laugh.

Silence on the other end.
Now what?
"Sooo? Umm"

Her voice, finally answers.
"Ah, ok, that, ya, that sounds more..." She sounds amused, that's good.

We share a good laugh over my mistake.

She politely says "No."

Just about the time I've convinced myself of the lie I've fabricated I think, Or, was that disappointment in her voice?


I have a tough time writing dialogue. So I thought I would begin with something light to force myself to try it. Did I illustrate a good character or did I distract from the idea?
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